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All You Need to Know About a Photo Booth Rental

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Hiring a photo booth for any event is slowly becoming popular. Owing to their demand, many rental companies have propped up to specially cater to events. Be it a wedding, a carnival or any corporate event, photo booths are a good way to make memories. You are handed a physical copy of your pictures to take home with you. No technology can compete with the satisfaction you get from that!

While choosing a rental, a tad bit of research from your side will go a long way in choosing the best photo booth that perfectly matches the theme of your event. They all are not the same. So, do not lazily book the first option you find. Here, we provide some tips on how to land the best deal while booking a photo booth rental in Toronto.

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  1. The price range

Like all services, photo booths are also available at a wide range of prices. Fix your budget and then choose from among the options that fall within your budget.

If the rates are higher than usual, the company will provide numerous additional services. If the prices are ridiculously low, it probably means that some compromise needs to be made on quality.

Choose a package with a price range you can afford. The common services you can expect along with your photo booth are:

  • Free delivery-cum-setup
  • A service person
  • Usage for an agreed number of hours
  • A customized frame
  • Suitable props and a backdrop
  • Print outs and digital copies of photos as long as the event lasts
  1. Types of photo booths

Not many people are aware of this – photo booths come in different types and sizes. Take a look at the types offered by your photo booth rental in Toronto. The size of the photo booth can be decided based on the expected footfall at your event. You can also request the company to design the booth such that it goes with the theme. The following are the different types of photo booths:

(a) Instagram booth

With advances in technology, photo booths are catching up too! In an insta booth, the guests click pictures on their cell phones and post the pictures on social media. They are required to pot them with a related hashtag. Their pictures will be printed on spot and handed to them instantly!

(b) Open-air photo booth

These are preferred when the number of guests is large. They can handle many people within the frame. They give a classy look to the party, especially when set up outdoors.

(c) Enclosed photo booth

Best suited for retro-themed parties, these booths bring back memories of original photo booths of the yesteryear! They are also preferred if your guests want to stay private and keep it low-key.

  1. The service person/attendant

Almost every photo booth rental in Toronto sends an attendant to assist you with setting up and handling the booth. If you feel you can man the booth by yourself, you can refuse an assistant and save a few bucks perhaps.

  1. The quality of the camera and the pictures

You do not want to pay copious amounts of money and end up with pictures of bad quality. Make sure your Photo Booth Rental in Toronto provides a professional camera. They should also be quick in providing instant print outs. Make sure their pictures are of high-quality.

Before you pay an advance, read online reviews and ask your friends for recommendations. Then proceed with your booking. Have a gala time!


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